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Jeff Buhrt
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Achievement Focused Technology, Inc [consultant] (10/98-present)

Product development:
Developing and growing a framework/toolset to web enable existing 'text' applications. See Products page. Also working with high-functionality XML/XUL GUI interfaces, including the multi-platform Vexi project (formarly XWT), now offered as products through Rocket Logic, Inc..

General consulting:

  • General development and design for multiple customers including end-to-end creation of a JAVA interfaced self normalizing knowledge store (smart OO data engine), solving outages, failures, design and planning, to other projects ranging from smaller short term on demand to larger and longer cooperative development.
  • Working with Faircom Corp. (makers of c-tree (ctree, ctbtrv), etc.) on new database technologies, performance, application and product interfaces, including support of LifePRO and other c-tree customers.
  • General support and project technical development using FOCUS, Sybase at USAGroup.
  • Construction of a data warehouse for Ameritech using Prism & Oracle8 under HP-UX.
  • Working with various customers developing new database technologies, utilities, interfaces, design, support, etc.
  • Solving peformance and irregular failure problems with existing and new applications for customers on demand.

LifePRO (IBM Life/Health Insurance software) consulting:
Operating System/database support/planning, performance/problem analysis, development/debugging support, architecture, design support, etc. at both customer and IBM levels.

Health Care Systems Inc. [CTO] (13months consulting + 7/2004-present)

Long term/nursing care software/web services.

Rocket Logic, Inc. (11/2003-present)

Development and design consulting/contracting for JAVA and C based web services, CASS interfacing, and high function web enabled interfaces. Offering services of multiple developers based in the Indianapolis area.

IBM [Program Manager, Technical Development (Advanced Technology Group)] (10/96 [purchase] - 9/98)

Professional Data Management (PDM), Assoc. [Director, Technical Development (R&D group)] (Consulting + 10/95 - 10/96 [purchased by IBM])

Developed and released a port of an existing life/health policy administration system (LifePRO) that was database client/server to NT and AIX servers using 'thinned' distributed PC interfaces. Up to eight concurrent projects with varying staff loads including such areas as: AIX port, NT port, LAN/WAN/dialup enablement, AIX/NT release support, managing data modeling efforts, porting existing database access (Btrieve) to Faircom's Ctree and IBM's DB/2, design of a Windows API GUI that replaces but can runs concurrently with the existing 'text look' interface. About 1.5years was spent on performance work on the UNIX ports (including ports on SUN, DEC, HP), including multiple visits to the IBM, DEC, and SUN porting performance centers. Implemented remote enablement using TCP/IP and IPX/SPX, including secured background file transfers. Worked with database server code from Faircom to improve performance and port to new transports and systems.

Computer Horizons Corp. [Technical Consultant] (1/93 - 10/95)

Provided development and technical support to Ameritech [Network Systems Software Solutions group].

Technologies: C, Informix/Oracle, SNA & source route bridging, CMI (Beechwood Systems), SSI (Software Strategies, Inc), shell and shell tools, plus many more. Supported up to 35 individuals and 70+ projects from specification/bidding to long term support as needed through a projects entire life cycle.

ProsLink, Inc. [Designer/Developer] (1/2 year consulting + 3/91-1/93)

Designed and developed under contract to the Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Counsel (IPAC) and Federal Justice a county prosecuting office management package for Indiana county prosecutors.

Technologies: Distributed UNIX machines reporting on demand to a centralized UNIX machine, Cbase databases, UUCP, off the shelf and custom built form painters, written in C.

Grauel Enterprises, Inc. [Designer/Developer] ('87-3/91)

Designed and developed a rent-to-rent and rent-to-own package for stores in 4 states. The package included accounting, purchasing, inventory, contract management, cash control, auditing, service history, contract tracking (integrated into government reporting and a usage based depreciation system), usage based depreciation, and resource demand tracking.

Technologies: Distributed UNIX machines reporting on demand to centralized UNIX machines, Cbase database, Cbooks accounting (Conetic Systems Accounting), C, perl/tcl, shell and shell tools.

Purdue University [Student programmer/UNIX Systems support] (~1.5 years)

Engineering Computer Network: Assisted ports of BSD UNIX 4.2/4.3 to a Gould 9080 and a CCI 6/32, including compilers, OS internals, and some system support.

Professor: Developed an electronic grading package to assist with entry level Pascal and FORTRAN classes, applied some of the professor's imaging research to search for similar programs.

CTS microelectronics, electromechanical headquarters [Engineering assistant] (One summer)

Assisted production engineers with design, research, testing, software, etc.

Lewis Buhrt Electric [Electrician] (grade school through a summer of college (summers, evenings, weekends))

Paid for College and gained general small business skills.

Best value:

Creative design, leading/supporting developers/projects from a technical perspective, taking complex projects and breaking them into small understandable/manageable projects, technical support of and working directly with developers. Working for and with a customer to solve problems, create and review designs, choose and work with outside vendors, implement projects, and ensure long-term project value & support.


Berkeley DB from Sleepycat, Conetic Systems' Cbase/Cbooks, Faircom's c-tree (Ctree), JDBC (Postgresql, Faircom, MySql), ODBC drivers (custom data type support, etc.), SQL (DB/2, Informix, Postgresql, ORACLE (including PL/SQL), Sybase), Prism, Information Builders' FOCUS


TCP/IP and IPX/SPX (application and network/transport layers), dialup, SNA, X.25, broad band video, 3270/3278 emulation and interfaces, SMB (including Samba, Microsoft Networking, etc.)


C, COBOL (as needed), UNIX shell scripts and shell tools, perl, HTML, JAVA backend work (including data interfacing, custom classloaders, ASP/web service based systems), Windows API's, DCE and POSIX 1003 (4,7,10, and release) PTHREADS (including some Solaris Threads), Win3.x/Win95/Win98/WinNT3.51/WinNT4.0 system and API's, X-11 (X window system) API's, plus many lessor used tools/languages/etc..
Display: Vexi, Struts, HTML, curses

Operating systems:

UNIX (Apple's OSX, AIX, BSD, Digital Unix, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris)
PC: IBM OS/2, Microsoft (DOS, Win3.x, Win9x, WinNT, XP, some CE), PalmOS

Other experience/understanding:

Hardware/software interaction (background in EE), network hardware and protocols (including OS internals support and detailed application usage), database and application client/server technologies, web services (design, architecture, enablement, production planning/support)

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